We have a wide range of reliable vacuum trucks and support equipment, a wealth of experience within our management team and operators and a professional and reliable attitude to ensure the safe completion of the works we perform.

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Leading The Way in Industrial & Environmental Services

We have all bases covered when it comes to the vacuum excavation industry with a modern vacuum truck of each size capable of insulation removal, hydro excavation and wet/dry vacuuming.

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10,000 Litre Vac Truck
Vaccuum Truck Hire

We have vac trucks of all sizes for better efficiency on site.

Sucker Truck Super Suction SA

Our sucker trucks are purpose built for non-destructive digging.

Vac Truck Adelaide - Vac Loading
Vacuum Loading

Suck liquids, sludges and slurries from one location to another.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Truck
Wet & Dry Vacuum

Safe movement of all wet and dry non-destructive excavations.

Drain Cleaning Adelaide
Drain Cleaning

High pressure industrial drain cleaning.

Torrens Road to River Torrens Project – CPB Contractors JV/Aurecon
Big Project Specialists

Diverse fleet, impeccable safety management, professionals.

Fast And Reliable

Our experienced and highly capable management team work closely with our clients and ground technicians to ensure speedy delivery of the services we provide.